We are passionate about technology, science and events.

TET hosts intimate style technology and science events that gather:
Founders, C-level executives, investors, technologists, scientists, celebrities and professionals from different walks of life.

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco.

Find out how the latest advancements Fintech, Proptech, Biotech, Gametech, Space Exploration and other fields that are powering the progress of our species.

TET Events are designed to inspire and engage your mind. Whether it’s directly educational or purely social, attending TET events uncover challenges and opportunities facing technology today.

What to expect at TET events

Learn From Industry Leaders

You will hear from: entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, technologists, celebrities and industry leaders that share firsthand knowledge on topics that go beyond 1s and 0s.

Engage with speakers

Most of our speaking sessions end with a Q&A, giving you an opportunity to address your questions to the speakers on stage.

Make connections

TET events offer plenty of networking time where you can exchange ideas, spend time with your colleagues and make new connections with minds alike.

Interested in
joining us?

Please reach out to us for: speaking opportunities, exhibition inquiries, producing an event for you or if you just have general questions about TET.
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